Description of Individual Course Units
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of Course UnitYear of StudySemesterNumber of ECTS Credits
9104015492009The Tecniques of Bluefish FisheryElective117
Level of Course Unit
Second Cycle
Objectives of the Course
The techniques of bluefish fishery is of essential importance for fisheries engineering students to give all knowledge about bluefish and to support ability to solve problems in bluefish fishery. During the course, the students learn general informations about bluefish populations, the basic principles of blufish fishery, problems and solving of them in point of fisheries management. It is aimed that the students gain an informations about bluefis fishery and effective tool by means of the course to solve the problems in bluefish fishery.
Name of Lecturer(s)
Assist. Prof. Dr. Tevfik CEYHAN
Learning Outcomes
1Having an information about bluefish population parameters
2Ability of choosing a fishing gear in suitable conditions
3Capability of determination of the current status
4Having an information in world and Turkey bluefish fishery.
5Having an information about working principles of fishing gear
6Ability of establishing a relationship between bluefish and the fishing gear
Mode of Delivery
Face to Face
Prerequisites and co-requisities
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Course Contents
The basic of fishing methods of bluefish, historical developments of bluefish fishery, biological data on bluefish populations, bluefish fishery with hand line, bluefish fishery with trammelnets, bluefish fishery with encircling nets, bluefish fishery with trawl, bluefish fishery with purse seine, Current status in Turkish bluefish fishery and problems, discussions on sustainable bluefish fishery
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
1Historical developments of bluefish fisheryThe description of old fishing gears in bluefish fishery
2Biological data on bluefish populationsDissection of bluefish and evaluation of data in excel
3Bluefish fishery with hand linePreparing a hand line for bluefish fishery and joining the field
4Bluefish fishery with hand line,Preparing a hand line for bluefish fishery and joining the field
5Bluefish fishery with trammel netsPractice in sea with trammel net
6Bluefish fishery with encircling netsPractice in sea with encircling net
8Bluefish fishery with purse seine,Practice in sea with Purse Seine
9Bluefish fishery with trawlPractice in sea with trawl
10The regulations in world and Turkey about bluefish fishery Presentation
11Current status in Turkish bluefish fisheryPresentation
12Discussions on sustainable bluefish fisheryFormal Debate for students
13Project presentationsPresentation
14Project presentationsPresentation
15Project presentationsPresentation
16Final exam
Recommended or Required Reading
Akyol,O., Ceyhan, T., 2007. Exploitation and Mortalities of Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix L.) in The Sea of Marmara, Turkey - Journal of Applied Biological Science 1(3): 25-27 Ceyhan, T., Akyol, O., Ayaz, A., and Juanes, F. 2007. Age, growth, and reproductive season of bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) in the Marmara region, Turkey. – ICES Journal of Marine Science, 64 (3): 531-536 p. Ceyhan, T., Akyol, O., 2005. Marmara Bölgesi’nde Lüfer (Pomatomus saltatrix L. 1766) Avcılığında Kullanılan Olta Takımları Üzerine Araştırmalar - Ege Üniversitesi, Su Ürünleri Dergisi, 22 (3-4): 351-355 Ceyhan T., Akyol,O., Ayaz,A., 2005. The encircling nets, used in bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix L., 1766) fishery in Marmara Region- E.U. Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, 22 (3-4):447-450 Juanes F., Hare, J.A., and Miskiewicz,A.G., 1996, Comparing Early Life History Strategies of Pomatomus saltatrix: A Global Approach. Marine Freshwater Research,47,365-379 p. Lucena, F. M., and O’Brien, C. M., 2001, Effects of Gear Selectivity and Different Calculation Methods on Estimating Growth Parameters of Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, (Pisces:Pomatomidae) From Southern Brazil. Fishery Bulletin. 99:432-442 p Lucena, F. M., O’Brien, C. M., and Reies, E. G., 2002, Effects of Exploitation by Two Co-existing Fleets on the Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, in Southern Brazil:An Application of a Seasonal Catch-At-Age Model. Marine and Freshwater Research, 53:835-847 p.
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Activities are given in detail in the section of "Assessment Methods and Criteria" and "Workload Calculation"
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesNumberTime (hours)Total Work Load (hours)
Midterm Examination122
Final Examination122
Attending Lectures14228
Project Presentation818
Self Study14798
Individual Study for Mid term Examination12020
Individual Study for Final Examination12020
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
* Contribution Level : 1 Very low 2 Low 3 Medium 4 High 5 Very High
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