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Central Library

Central Library was established in 1961 and aims to retrieve and store recorded knowledge of all kinds, making it available and usable to students, academic and administrative staff. The Library is an indispensable component of education and is committed to providing high quality support for research and learning in the University. Transferring and uniting facilities of faculty libraries to the Central Library had been completed in 1999 and the Central Library moved to its new building, which is located centrally on the Campus on a 9676 square meter site. It is easily accessible from any point on Campus.

The Central Library has a centralized collection of books and journals nearly all of which are on open shelves and easily accessible to users. It has been designed to provide the latest electronic and multimedia resources, as well as traditional library materials and services, in an inviting and service oriented atmosphere. There are group study rooms, 198 individual study carrels, visual and audible material collection Ege University Central Library, which is one of the biggest university libraries in Turkey, has 181,630 books, 103,417 e-books and 38 data base and almanac as well as 376 published and more than 22,943 electronic journals. The books are on open shelves and 1800 people can use the library at the same time. The library comprises 600 internet ports in addition to wireless access. University teaching staff and students can have access to library’s electronic information sources and skim the literature out of the university.

Computing Services

The University comprises computer and foreign language laboratories, 92 general purpose computer laboratories, 378 scientific research laboratories and 158 student laboratories for common use of all the students and academic staff.

The network is formed by Gigabit Ethernet technology in the university, being aware of the importance to reach and share information fast. Each department and faculty is linked to the spine by Gigabit connections and this system is on non-stop service for 24 hours/365 days. Besides, the schools/vocational training schools in Çeşme, Tire, Ödemiş, Bergama, Bayındır and Urla districts, and Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center in Konak by Metro Ethernet technology, and Ege University Observatory in Pınarbaşı by Wireless technology are directly linked to the infrastructure of campus.

The University is among the ones having the widest band capacity in Turkey with ULAKNET, in 300 Mbps bandwidth, connection it has.

Research and Industrial Relations

Ege University encourages and puts high emphasis on both basic and applied research. The University to the best extent possible promotes all kinds of projects and research. The University sets its sight at attaining universal quality in terms of education, scientific research and projects. It cooperates with foreign universities for educational and research purposes, to help increase the quality of education to international standards.

Within this direction, the University carries out several researches on the areas of medical sciences, natural sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences and social sciences to both solve the country problems and contribute in universal knowledge.

Ege University has many modern and full-fledge laboratories offering extensive opportunities for training and research. The students learn to put into practice the skills and theory studied in their courses.

In order to encourage collaboration between industry and the University, the Science and Technology Research Center (EBILTEM) was established in 1994. It provides an institutional structure for the organization and co-ordination of research and development activities at Ege University, by promoting and improving the quality and quantity of pure and applied research and by encouraging and developing integrated, multidisciplinary research projects through industrial and international liaisons. The Center endeavors to increase the quality and quantity of research at the University through initiation of joint research projects with different key players, supported by different national and international funding schemes. It has extensive experience and understanding of EU Framework Programmes having been involved as partners.

There are 27 Research Centers in Ege University and are primarily in interdisciplinary areas and represent topics in research frontiers.

  1. Family Planning and Infertility Research Centre
  2. Principles of Atatürk and Recent Turkish History Research Centre
  3. Brain Research Centre
  4. Information and Communication Technologies Research Centre
  5. Botanical Garden and Herbarium Research Centre
  6. Child and Adult Alcohol and Drug Addiction Research Centre
  7. Environmental Studies Research Centre
  8. Science and Technology Research Centre
  9. Strategic Studies Research Centre
  10. Continuing Education Research Centre
  11. Disabled Children Rehabilitation and Education Research Centre
  12. Drug Research and Development and Pharmacokinetics Research Centre
  13. Izmir Research Centre
  14. Women Studies Research Centre
  15. Cancer Surveillance Research Centre
  16. Organ Transplantation Research Centre
  17. Health Research Centre
  18. Submarine Research Centre
  19. Natural History Research Centre
  20. Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Research Centre
  21. Seed Technology Research Centre
  22. European Languages and Cultures Research Centre
  23. Observatory Research Centre
  24. HIV/AIDS Research Centre
  25. Welding Technology Research Centre
  26. Palliative Care Research Centre
  27. Child Care Research Centre
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