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There are 2 central dining halls situated in the Campus, where students can eat their principle meals at modest prices. Also 1 restaurant, 8 cafeterias, 6 canteens offer different alternatives with their varied menus in various places on the campus. They act as focal points for most of the activities that make University life more than just an academic course.

Leisure Club

The Leisure Club was built in approximately 1880 and has been restored for use as a leisure club for the academic and administrative staff. It has indoor and outdoor seating capacity for 250 guests. It provides a variety of entertainment and an enjoyable atmosphere at an affordable price.

Green Pavilion

The Green Pavilion was built approximately in 1882 and was restored for use as a leisure club for students, academic and administrative staff in 2004. It has indoor and outdoor seating capacity for 100 guests. It provides a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. It also has a very beautiful garden.

Murat Pavilion

The Murat Pavilion was built approximately in 1880 and restored in 2001 by Izmir Greater Municipality. It was allocated to Ege University in 2005. It is used as a meeting center for community based and social responsibility projects and services of Ege University. It is also used as a leisure club.
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