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Ege University Rectorate
Gençlik Caddesi No:12
35040 Bornova /Izmir / Turkey
Tel : +90-232-311 10 10

Ege University is located in Bornova, a district of Izmir and many buildings and facilities are scattered over 3,450 hectares of land. The natural environment of the University supports the creativity and motivation of the students.

Along with educational excellence, Ege University offers its students the opportunity to experience university life in a unique environment. The campus is designed to encourage and enhance students’ social, cultural and artistic activities. The Campus model enables students to pursue extracurricular activities that will enrich their overall university experience, and to enjoy the benefits, twenty-four hours a day, of a vibrant social and educational environment.

The University has another Campus in Çeşme where Çeşme Tourism and Hotel Management School is located. There are Vocational Training Schools located in various districts of Izmir respectively Odemiş, Tire, Bergama, Bayındır, Aliağa, Urla, and Gaziemir. Thus, it actually serves the public in a decentralized way through its various units scattered around the hinterland of Metropolitan Izmir. The physical facilities of the Campus are excellent, with good roads, car parks and signboards.

Faculty of Agriculture has research, training and production farms situated in Mordoğan and Menemen. The Faculty of Fisheries has plants in a lagoon area (HOMA) near Çiğli-Tuzla. Faculty of Science has an observatory on Kurudağ. There is a student camp in Özdere and Çeşme Training and Creation Center in Çeşme.

There is a Shopping Center located in the center of the Campus. There are bank branches and various ATMs located on the Campus for the use of students, academic and administrative staff.

Ege University Prof.Dr. Yusuf Vardar Cultural Centre located in the Campus and Atatürk Cultural Centre in Konak, are recreational and social centers that accommodate various cultural and arts activities and performances, national and international congresses, conferences, symposia, continuing education courses and professional development seminars.
Ege University, Bornova - İzmir / TURKEY • Phone: +90 232 311 10 10 • e-mail: