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Student Associations

Student Council

The Student Council represents the registered students at Ege University and formed by the students selected from each academic unit (Faculty/Department, Schools and Vocational Training Schools). The Student Council represents the Ege University student body in a democratic way, informing and conferring with the University administration when necessary.

Student Clubs

Ege University both encourages and supports participation in student activities and cultural, social organizations that contribute to the development of the students. The student clubs are created and develop on the basis of the student and community needs and interests. The major purpose is to contribute to the personal development of the students along with the academic skills. The student associations continuously try to improve the quality and quantity of its social and cultural activities. There are 67 student clubs, which are active in many diverse fields of interest. The University provides facilities and funding for the student clubs.

1. Turkish Folk Dancing
2. Theatre
3. Poetry
4. Modern Dance
5. Painting
6. Turkish Classical Music
7. Turkish Folk Music
8. Photography
9. Nature and Mountaineering
10. Aviation and Parachuting
11. Caving
12. Motor Sports
13. Science and Utopia
14. Social Researches
15. Young TEMA
16. Aegee Izmir
17. American Soccer Team
18. Anti-Smoking
19. Bridge
20. Chess
21. Cinema
22. Classical Guitar
23. Clean Energy
24. Debate
25. Eka-Ultraviolet
26. Erasmus student Network Club
27. Gateway
28. Hip-Hop
29. International Relations
30. Latin Dance
31. Literature
32. Atatürk’s Philosophy
33. Marbling
34. Search and Rescue
35. Youth Festival
36. Community Volunteers
37. Young Entrepreneurs
38. Rock Climbing
39. Bicycle Friends
40. Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
41. BEST-Izmir
42. Environment
43. Turkish Language and History
44. Turkish Folk Music Researches
45. Art History
46. Book Friends
47. Radio
48. Rock Music
49. Psychological Counseling
50. Underwater Rugby
51. Underwater
52. Water Polo
53. Sailing
54. Nature Observation
55. Aegean Travelers
56. Futurism
57. Red Crescent
58. Support for Children with Leukemia
59. Organ Donation
60. Vienna Waltz
61. Drug Addiction
62. Education Volunteers
63. Fantasy and Science Fiction
64. Animal Friends
65. Communication and Media
66. Comics
67. Stem Cell Donations
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