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The administration of the University is implemented according to the Law on Higher Education. The formal head of the University is the Rector. The Rector implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of higher education, reviews and decides on the proposals of university boards and ensures coordination among organizations attached to the university. The University Senate is the chief academic body at the university level and responsible for coordinating the academic activities of the University.


Prof. Dr. Necdet BUDAK

Prof. Dr. Cengiz Metin
Acting Vice Rector

Prof. Dr. Makbule Aşıkoğlu
Acting Vice Rector

Prof.Dr. Nefise Ülkü Karabay Yavaşoğlu
Acting Vice Rector

General Secretary  


Ege University, Bornova - İzmir / TURKEY • Phone: +90 232 311 10 10 • e-mail: