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General Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning

Formal Prior Learning

a) For Turkish Students

The rules for recognition of formal prior learning are well defined at national level. The students who want to transfer to Ege University from another higher education institution have to meet national transfer requirements specifically defined by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). The admission of transfer students are made in the framework of the quota determined by the university. Transfer can be made among the institutions of which equivalency is recognized by Higher Education Council. If the content and learning outcomes of the course previously taken in another institution are  equivalent to that of the course offered at Ege University, then the student can be exempted from this course with the approval of the related faculty after the evaluation of the course content.

Also successful vocational school graduates to continue their education to obtain Bachelor’s degrees if they are successful in the selection and the placement examination (DGS, i.e. vertical transfer examination) are admitted. The courses to be taken by these students are determined by the relevant department, on the basis of courses they have completed in the programs from which they have graduated.

A student who is currently enrolled in a similar Master's Degree program or the programs satisfying 70 % at least similarity at another institution and has successfully completed at least one semester, upon submitting all required documents before the deadline, may transfer to the Master's Program at EGE University upon the recommendation of the department administration and with the approval of the Administrative Committee of the Graduate School. The decision taken will also include eligibility for exemption from some course requirements of the graduate program.

b) For Erasmus Students

Outgoing students

Before outgoing students are departing, the " recognition sheet " is prepared by using the course study plan in the learning agreement of the student and full academic recognition is confirmed by Ege University.
Full academic recognition means that the study period abroad (including examinations or other forms of assessment) replaces a comparable period of study at Ege University (including examinations or other forms of assessment).
The ECTS credits to be gained at host institution are guaranteed. Good communication and flexibility are also needed to facilitate the academic recognition of studies completed or taken abroad. In this respect the ECTS coordinators have an important role to play as their main task is to deal with the academic and administrative aspects of ECTS.
After completion of the studies abroad  " Proof of Recognition " is prepared by the departmental coordinator by taking into account the information on 'Transcript of Records' provided by the host institution. The below table is used to convert ECTS grades to the grades used at Ege University (EU).

For Undergraduate

ECTS Grades EU Grades EU Grades based on Relative Assessment System
A 98 AA (98)
B 92 BA (84)
C 80 BB (77)
D 70 CB (70)
E 62 CC (63)
Fx Fail FD (42)
F Fail FF

For Graduate

ECTS Grades

EU Grades

A 99
B 94
C 86
D 77
E 71
Fx Fail
F Fail

For Incoming Students

The ECTS transcript of records which shows students' learning achievements in a way which is comprehensive, is prepared for incoming students after completion of the study at Ege University. The ECTS credits gained and the ECTS grades awarded are documented in Transcript of Records follows the model on ECTS rules.

Non-Formal and In-Formal Learning

Recognition of prior non-formal and in-formal learning is at the beginning stage in Turkish Higher Education Institutions. However, exams of exemption are organised at the start of each year at the University for the courses of English Language and Computer Skills. The students who have completed the proficiencies for these courses on his/her own or through other means, and believe that they have achieved the learning outcomes specified are given the right to take the exemption exam. The students who achieve a passing grade from these exams are held exempt from the related course in the curriculum.
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