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Sports Facilities and Leisure Activities

Sports Facilities

Ege University, believing that physical fitness aids mental alertness, strives to provide its students with facilities for a variety of sports. Sports activities, an important part of life on Campus, are carried out and developed extensively. Many training and sports facilities are available in Ege University designed to serve all university members. The University participates in all branches of inter-university sports activities. There is provision for basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, water polo, table tennis, athletics, judo, cross, gymnastics and tennis. Many competitive team sports, individual sports, games and special events are offered to students, academic and administrative staff. The teams participate in various national and international competitions and tournaments.

  • Sports Hall is a multi-purpose sports complex located on a 2812 square meter site and has a seating capacity of 3150. It comprises two training rooms, two gymnasiums, a coordination room and a ping pong room,
  • 20th May Sports Hall
  • 50th Year Sports Hall with 1.000 audience capacity
  • Small Sports Hall with 250 audience capacity,
  • Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool, which is built to Olympic standards, has 8 swimming lanes and provides accommodation for 2600 spectators. It is used for the swimming courses of the students, swimming and diving courses, national and international competitions, water ballet and various water sports. Its heating, air-conditioning and hygienic conditions are automatically controlled. It has an electronic scoreboard, underwater TV system, showers with photocells, and modern changing rooms. It is open to all students and staff.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool,
  • Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Athletics and Football Field
  • 8 tennis courts
  • 2 open running tracks
  • 2 turf football training fields and several open basketball and volleyball courts.
  • Student Village Sports Hall

Leisure Facilities

Ege University has gained a wide reputation for the quality of its social and cultural activities, which take place on the Campus. The activities are designed for the enjoyment of students, academic and administrative staff and to develop new and existing interests. The University offers opportunities for personal, cultural, social and professional development that complement the richly complex and challenging academic life of the University.

Throughout the academic year, students, academic and administrative staff can participate in variety of cultural and social activities. One of the most favored social and cultural activities in Ege University is the traditional Spring Festival organized every year during May. Concerts, sport games, cinema and theater presentations, sale and promotion stands, conferences, symposiums, scientific meetings, fashion shows and various competitions take place during the Festival. Also student groups from other Turkish universities and from foreign countries participate in the Festival.

Ege University organizes EgeArt Days periodically that includes art exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions and concerts. The organization is one the most important cultural events that take place in Izmir city.

Ege University encourages local engagement by Social Responsibility Projects run by students. The main objective of the social responsibility projects is to increase social sensitivity and contribute to finding solutions for common problems of the society while doing that to create opportunities and provide guidance for our students to further develop themselves.

Radio Campus Ege reaches not only members of the Ege University but all of Izmir and is run by Information and Communication Technologies Research Centre. The station is on air 24 hours a day with music and talks programs of special interest. Radio Campus Ege is run by an enthusiastic group of students and faculty.

- Campus Cultural Center with 750 audience capacity

- Atatürk Cultural Center is a recreational and social center that provides space for various cultural and art activities and performances, national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, continuing education and professional development seminars. The Center is rich in technological facilities. The Center has 2 auditoriums with accommodation respectively for 654 and 628 spectators, 4 seminar rooms with accommodation for 45 spectators, a theater hall, 8 workshop rooms with accommodation for 12 spectators, and an exhibition gallery with a capacity of 800 guests. There is also a catering service available in the Center.

- Culture and Arts Hall with 306 audience capacity,

- 8 conference, seminar, congress and theatre halls ,

- 15 exhibition halls and art galleries,

- 2 amphitheaters with totally 5.000 audience capacity.

Summer Camp - Çeşme Training and Recreation Center

There is a students’ camp located in Ozdere very near to the seaside with a capacity of 200 beds. There are 10 periods in the summer vacation during which students, academic and administrative staff can make use of the camp. Various activities and entertainment programs are organized in order to provide a comfortable and informal atmosphere for the students.
Ege University "Çeşme Training and Recreation Center" located in Çeşme, Dalyan also serves to students, academic and administrative personnel during the summer.

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